Crystal Clear-Tips from JulieGem Realty

Wondering what you can do with your old refrigerator or freezer? Here’s one solution-
Focus on Energy

Has your stream of water gotten smaller when taking a that morning shower? Clean the showerhead! Put Lime-Away in a 1 gallon plastic bag. Tie the bag around the showerhead. Leave to soak overnight. Before taking the morning shower, remove the bag and lime-away. The holes on the showerhead will have cleared of lime giving you a fuller stream of water.

The NOSE knows!!

53% of buyers said strong odors influenced their decision in purchasing a home.
Here are some tips for making sure your home has good scents:
• Don’t mask smells with candles or potpourri. Buyers look for reason.
• Keep exotic spices and fish to a minimum when cooking the night before a showing.
• Remove animals and litter boxes from the property during showings.
Use homey smells to entice buyers—fresh baked cookies or pie, beef roast in oven

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Place 3 drops of vanilla on the heated oven door for a fresh smell before a showing. You don’t have to bake cookies or have a lot of candles burning for the same effect.